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I found 6 entries and localized them in 4 different counties. There are around 16 people with this name projected on total population. This is an occurance below average. Insufficient statistical data! The results may not be useful.

Relative Distribution for Smude (Download)
Considering the population density the most Smudes can be found in Kreisfreie Stadt Fürth (BY), namely 17 phonebook entries per million people. The fewest live in Landkreis Recklinghausen.

Absolute Map for Smude (Download)
Most Smudes can be found in Kreisfreie Stadt Fürth (BY), there are exactly 2 phonebook entries listed. The fewest live in Kreisfreie Stadt Frankfurt am Main (1). (Please note: urban agglomerations can influence this visualization)

Sorted by federal states
This is a diagram for all phonebook entries that can be localized. They are sorted sorted by the federal states of germany (the diffenent size and population is not included in this calculation).